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Sustainable Price Policy

The impact of globalization and intense competition concerns all our customers. We offer advantageous solutions to our customers, taking into account speed and cost factors that affect sustainability.

Expert Staff

We identify customer demands and priorities in the best possible way and provide services with our expert staff who offer logistics and storage solutions. You can get all the support you need in foreign trade, logistics and customs clearance from our expert staff.

Alternative Logistics Solutions

With our integrated logistics solutions, we offer the most appropriate solutions in line with customer needs and design new routes according to their demands. We offer alternative logistics solutions using combinations of Ro-Ro, Railway and Road.

Not Only in Europe but All Over the World

As EMMTRANSS, we started to serve in 2019 with our management staff who have worked in the logistics industry for more than 30 years and a team of experts in their fields. We aim to reflect our perspective, formed through years of experience, to our customers in the most accurate way. In this context, we aimed to add value to the business partners we serve, as well as to be companions with them.

By further developing classical road transportation, we offer our customers fast, reliable and economical road transportation. In addition, we provide an integrated logistics service by providing solutions in areas such as value-added storage and customs clearance.

Emtranss Produces Integrated Logistics Solutions.

Emtranss Logistics is an organized company structured with a full service policy, fully equipped infrastructure and perfect communication network.

Emtranss Lojistik


What are Logistics Services?

All services such as packaging, storage, transportation, customs clearance and distribution performed throughout the process from the first producer of a product to its final consumer are called logistics.

What are the services of international logistics companies?

Before discussing what international logistics services are, it is necessary to focus on the concept of logistics.